DC/DC Converter for Battery Module System

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1: The product adopts modular design, channel quantity and test range for customization and solution design;

2: Each channel is completely independent and can conduct simulation function test independently;

3: Using the latest IGBT rectification technology, the power factor can reach more than 99% and the current harmonic is less

than 3%, which does not pollute the power supply;

4: The energy is preferentially exchanged on the DC bus, and the utilization efficiency of exchange energy reaches more than 98%, so as to reduce production cost and power consumption, energy conservation and emission reduction and green production;  5:The equipment has complete software and hardware multi-level protection to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


Product Description


 The battery module (pack) test system is specially designed for battery module power, energy storage pack,  cycle performance test and daily maintenance of battery pack. Its principle is to integrate AC / DC and high-power bidirectional DC / DC converter modules, special test software, and automatically complete cycle charge and discharge performance test after setting various charge and discharge parameters.


System diagram

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